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Generally located in the jungles Brazilian, but popularly described as native to South America, with the term of Brazilian Redwood. It is a type of wood used commonly as a cover, which also compared by its hardness and stability with the IPE. He is considered the Massaranduba is one of the stronger worldwide, in a matter of wood materials. His physical appearance made up by a friendly and pleasant tone which tends to a reddish brown, is preferred by many because of its beautiful appearance that inspires a red velvet, it is even very popular in Europe. It is straight grain. Among its benefits, they are designated high resistance to the passage of time, its great density and hardness collaborate in this aspect, as well as being virtually immune to the rot and decomposition, so it is advisable to make use of this impressive natural resource outdoors, however there are no impediments for installation in closed spaces. In general, for its resistance and strength, the Massaranduba represents a solution in question provide shadows or large roofs, under its dark color. Massaranduba, is a species that exceeds in quality to other woods that are often treated previously as pine, cedar, American Redwood or Douglas fir. Compared as IPE wood, no doubt by its strength, but is less expensive than the above mentioned. A high Flex material, appropriate for applications of exposure over long periods of time is considered. Its range of useful life is included among the 30 years approximately.

Massaranduba as strong as a Tractor

This wood of great hardness and density, demonstrated through several very heavy load tests that it is without doubt a great strength, because the results were surprising, since it is so strong that it is considered to be a resource of up to two times stronger than the California Redwood, is even much more stronger than the IPE Decking. There is no doubt that these statistics are impressive, without leaving aside its superficial beauty, which also represents an important factor at the time of your choice.

Massaranduba as strong as a Tractor

Where deploy Massaranduba?

There are no limitations to make use of this precious wood in enclosed spaces or open spaces, however it is well known that the enjoyment of our massaranduba, along with in terraces is a excellence option, since it requires no maintenance continued to maintain a beautiful and optimal coloration, their deterioration is not frequent due to the incidence of the sun's rays. Similarly, can be installed for any other use where its exposure to the weather is constant, like the cover of the back patio, front porch or business. Provides a range of useful life of more than 30 years under these conditions

Massaranduba ideal for outdoor implementations

*Very resistant to attack by fungi; highly resistant to subterranean termites and moderately resistant to wood termites dry

*One of the species of wood harder and longer lasting in the world.

*Important savings (up to 25%) on the Ipe and others

* Ultra low maintenance.

*Harvest of responsibly managed forests.

*Lush colours from red to reddish-brown

Ideal for the covering of the back yard, front porch, or business

100% natural, chemical free

Massaranduba have many benefits.

Technical Specifications:

*Janka hardness is 3.190 (12% MC)

*Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume). 85; Let air-dry density 66 pcf.

*flexural strength is of 27.280 psi.